Registration Fees:

Registration closes June 30 or when sold out

Open - Aug 31Sept 1 - Jan 31Feb 1 - Apr 31May 1 - Jun 21Jun 22-28
Adult, 19+, 80 km $120.00$125.00$135.00$145.00$155.00
Age 13-18, 80 km $70.00$75.00$80.00$85.00$90.00
Age 12 and under, 80 km $40.00$45.00$50.00$55.00$60.00
Adult, 19+, 40 km $100.00$105.00$115.00$125.00$135.00
Age 13-18, 40 km $60.00$65.00$70.00$75.00$80.00
Age 12 and under, 40 km $40.00$45.00$50.00$55.00$60.00
Adult, 19+, 20 km $80.00$85.00$90.00$95.00$100.00
Age 13-18, 20 km $50.00$55.00$60.00$65.00$70.00
Age 12 and under, 20 km $40.00$45.00$50.00$55.00$60.00

We are offering a shuttle service for this event: We will take your bikes on Saturday from Penticton Trade and Convention Centre to Myra Canyon (secure area) or Chute Lake (secure area).

Sunday we will shuttle 80 km participants at 7:30am from Penticton (South Okanagan Events Center) (Complimentary Parking at the South Okanagan Events Center) to the event start at Myra Canyon. 8:00am loading for the 40km event participants starting at Chute Lake.  8:00am loading for the 20km event.

Shuttle Service: (cost is for moving your bike and you)

  • Shuttle from Penticton South Okanagan Events Center, $35 (Bikes Saturday) $40 (Bikes Sunday)

We want to move as many bikes as possible on Saturday, if you can bring your bike Saturday is ideal.

  • I will arrange my own transportation, (no parking at Myra Canyon / Chute Lake/ drop off only) $0

  • Self shuttle participants begin their ride at 8:00am-9:00am at Myra Canyon and 9:00am -9:30am at Chute Lake. (We will have people there to check you in at 8:00am at Myra Canyon and 9:00 am at Chute Lake.

  • Buses will arrive 9:00am – 9:30am at Myra Canyon, 9:00am at Chute Lake and 8:30am at Glen Fir.

We want all the vehicles in Penticton so people can depart at their leisure.  There will be a wide range of finish times so everyone can enjoy the food, beer, wine and live music in Penticton and your vehicles are there waiting for you.  (Do not drink and drive, plan ahead)

There is no event shuttle after the event.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for the 2020 Okanagan Trestles Tour. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

However, we recognize that injuries and unforeseen events can happen. As a result, we have two policies in place to help registered participants should they be unable to ride in the 2020 Okanagan Trestles Tour.

Transfer Policy:

A registered rider can transfer an event entry to another rider.

Roll-Over Policy:

Until April 30, 2020, should an injury or scheduling conflict occur, registered riders can roll-over their 2020 entry (for a $40 administration fee), to 2021.

Please understand that it is not the intention of the Glenn Bond Events to profit from this policy, rather to be able to continue to offer a consistent quality of event at a reasonable cost. If the event is cancelled due to weather or anything outside the organizers control no refunds.