1.    Awesome job on the ride…a fantastic experience and beautifully organized and supported. We appreciate the huge amount of work that went into it.  Many thanks!

Jeanette and Dave Callahan – Whistler, BC

2.   I just wanted to write you to thank-you for organizing such a wonderful community event.  I believe I speak for others as well, when I say the event was successful, even with the bypass!  It was a great ride, and the views were absolutely amazing. It just makes me realize even more how beautiful the Okanagan really is.   I look forward to partaking in many more Okanagan Trestles Tour events.

Bettina Muller – Vernon, BC

3.   I am a resident of West Kelowna and this was my first trip to the trestles. Spectacular to say the least and I had the time of my life even with the bypass.  A big thanks to all the volunteers. They were all fantastic!

Rob – West Kelowna

4. Just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on the great trestle ride!  I (and my group of 10) had a great time!  Too bad about the trestle that was under repair…but it will be something all of us can talk about for years to come!  I had such a great time, I am trying to convince family (5 from Minnesota, 2 from Newfoundland and 2 from Houston) to join me for the 2nd annual trestle ride on July 6!  Again, congratulations on a great event.
Joan Wickwire

5.   Awesome event, great memories for both young and old(er)”, we will be back for the second annual event

Lori Goosen

6.   Congratulations to you! Kees and I had a great time, I thought the bypass was an adventure!! The finishing celebrations were a highlight. Well done!

Hella and Kees – Vernon, BC

7.  Great event!  Especially given first year etc. looking forward to next year already. Congrats!

Paul McCann

8.   Appreciate all your efforts and all the volunteers efforts…great cycle day….met lots of folks along the way and of, course at the end.  Know there were small qulips nonetheless nothing for me to rag on…my memory was extremely positive and am a raving fan of your new event…kudos for taking it on…your constant emails in advance of the event prepared everyone for the ‘challenge’…thank you! Again thank you for a fun experience.

June Conway – Kelowna

9.    Thank you for organizing a great event. I had a blast. I really enjoyed the trail because it was quite challenging! I’m so thankful for the volunteers at the rest points, the water, and the food. I will definitely sign up next year and encourage others to do the same.   Thank you again for your time and energy in planning and executing a great event.

Tanis Michaud

10.   I really enjoyed the day.  I didn’t mind the bypass at all. The two sandy sections were tough.   You did an absolutely amazing job.  It’s just the first year and we will be back next year!

Andrea and Jamie Pal 

11.   6 of us enjoyed the day.  We thought that you had done a good job on the organizing, especially the bikes and transport up to the start.  The BBQ was great. The location was superb.   I’ve organized several BBQs for 1,000 cyclists so I know what you went through.  Great job with the volunteers.  The bypass was a tough climb for many but that was beyond your control and is hopefully a one-time event. (Note: Trestle #3 has been repaired)  I was impressed, everyone had a helmet. 100% by my count.

Chris Foord, Victoria

12.    Thanks for organizing the Okanagan Trestles Tour! My friends and I had a lot of fun. It was hard work at times, but the scenery made it all worthwhile.

Erin Barley, Vancouver

13.   Just to let you know that this tour was an experience not soon to be forgotten.  I enjoyed every minute of it including the portaging of my bike over some dirt trail around one of the trestles. (Note: Trestle #3 is repaired) I enjoyed the views, the trestles, the tunnels, the weather, the company. In short, I had a hell of a good time and have posted pictures on my Face Book in order for others from the Sunshine Coast can do the trip next year.
Except for some sore bones where the saddle hit me every time I hit a pothole, I came trough unscathed.  I am glad I did it and as No. 139 and at age 80 I was the oldest person in the group. And lets face it, what has age got to do with it.  You deserve an applause for your tremendous organization and so does your staff.

Bill Endert – Sunshine Coast – B.C.

14.   Thanks, Glenn, Jen and the army of volunteers! What an incredible day yesterday. I did the Tour with my 10 yr old grandson and we had a blast. The one trestle-out detour was a bit challenging and the loose, deep sand on the old glacial beach deposits was challenging, yet all par for the course for an off-road tour! Volunteers were unfailingly cheerful and helpful everywhere!
Alan Medcalf- Vernon, BC

15.   My husband and I participated in the tour on Sunday and “we loved it.”  The whole event was extremely well organized. I don’t know how you did it with so many people.  We had fun, the food was great, everyone was friendly and the final ending of the tour coming through the vineyards was an added bonus.   Thanks again for putting on such a great event. We’re in for next year.

Lorena (Lorna) and Keith Wood – Vernon, BC

16.   Just a quick note to let you know how much Jim and I enjoyed the trestle ride yesterday – we really enjoyed it. We loved the ride itself but also thought you did a terrific job of organizing everything, from the package pick-up to the bike drop-off to the BBQ. For a first-time event we thought it was fabulous and we’re keen to do it again next year.

Kudos to you and your team!!

Jim and Maureen – Edmonton

17.   Thanks for organizing such a great event.  I was extremely impressed by how smoothly the registration, bike transfers, shuttle, check in etc. went.  This was my first experience at a bike event.  I found the bypass quite challenging, however, got through it with a little help from your volunteers. (Note: Trestle #3 has been repaired) The vista’s were as spectacular as you promised!  The photos are amazing.

 Cheryl Schell

18.   Thank you for organizing the OTT, it was a wonderful experience from boarding the shuttle busses in Penticton …..and finally the Finish! Well organized, much fun, and also accomplishment. What a wonderful way to connect with history! Would certainly recommend it to others. And BTW, did it on my cyclocross bike; did the detour in road cycling shoes, no problems, no punctures, managed the varied terrain.

Christo Ferreira

19.    We want to join the chorus and thank you for a great ride.   The logistics were perfect.  We’ve organized road races before (running) and have some sense of the logistics that you had to manage to pull this off.  But of course, your logistics were a magnitude more sophisticated than anything we had to handle.   Unbelievable amount of detail, and as far as we are concerned, everything went off without a hitch.  You did an excellent job organizing this event and we appreciate  your attention to detail, which made our experience that much better.

Jim Hendry, Teresa Salamone – Osoyoos, British Columbia

20.   Whilst on holiday earlier this month, visiting friends in Vernon, my wife and I were afforded the wonderful opportunity to ride the Trestle Tour.

As cycling enthusiasts on tour, we both agreed that riding the Trestle Tour surely rates as the most brilliant way to explore the awesome scenery of the Myra Canyon and surrounding country side. We found the ride not too tough, but enough of a challenge so as not to be a total breeze. The idea of being a tour and not a race added to the appeal of the event for us.

The marshals helping cyclists to haul their bikes up over the steep inclines of the detour section needs special mention. They each deserve a medal; it was hot and exhausting work and they were ever so willing to assist. (Note: Trestle #3 has been repaired)

Our cycling club, back home in Cape Town, asked us to write a short piece of our Trestle Tour experience for inclusion in the club’s newsletter. We highly recommend the event and think it will become hugely popular in years to come. Thanks again for staging this great event.

Trestle Tour Friends from Cape Town, South Africa
David and Esmé Venter