The Route


80km Myra Canyon / Kelowna to Penticton Lakeside Hotel and Resort

40km Chute Lake Resort to Penticton Lakeside Hotel and Resort

20km Glenfir Loop to Penticton Lakeside Hotel and Resort


Start- Myra Canyon. Welcome to the Okanagan Trestles Tour. You will bike 80 kilometers, across 20 trestles and bridges and encounter four tunnels.

The 80 km route summary: the first 20 km is through Myra Canyon Provincial Park which is well maintained ( good surface for all bikes) the middle 40 km is like a gravel road, there are bumpy sections and sandy sections. The last 20 kms is recycled asphalt which is very smooth and downhill. The first 40 km are flat and the next 40 km are 2.2 downhill to Penticton. It is an incredible ride through history with beautiful views of Okanagan Lake and the valley. A mountain bike is highly recommended as there are sections of sand. Many people use hybrid bikes and enjoy the ride but a wider tire makes the ride easier. Electric Bikes are welcome too :)

KM 2.2 – Trestle 18, this is the first railway bridge you will cross on the route. Myra Canyon, the first 11km of the event features 18 bridges and trestles and two tunnels. Original construction took place between 1912-1914.

KM 2.9 – Trestle 11, this bridge is the high point of the ride, the ride is pancake flat from the start to Chute Lake (36.2 km) the noticeable 2.2% descent begins all the way to Penticton.

KM 6.2 – West Fork Canyon Bridge The timber trestle came dangerously close to being blown up in 1923. Several boxcars derailed on the old trestle in July of that year plunging down onto the canyon floor, smashing into pieces. After the crash, work crews discovered that one of the cars contained eight cases of dynamite.

KM 11.6 – Ruth Station – AID Station #1 , with water, sport drink, bananas and oranges

KM 22 - Gillard Forest Service road Aid Station #2, with water, sport drink, bananas and oranges.

*KM 36 Chute Lake Lodge (Start of the 40km event) – Aid Station #3, with cookies, water, sport drink. It is all downhill from here 2.2% grade from here to Penticton. Chute Lake Resort features rustic cabins and rustic lodge rooms. Behind the lodge there is the “autique museum”, collection of farm, railway ad assorted memorabilia.

KM 48 – Adra Tunnel bypass and Aid Stations #4 with water, sport drink, bananas and oranges.

KM 60 - Glenfir Loop (Start of the 20km event) According to 1927 railway regulations, trains had to stop at Glenfor for 10 minutes to cool their brakes before proceeding to Penticton.

KM 64 – Little Tunnel Here is one of the most stunning views of the day. Actually, two views here, one from the north side of the tunnel and the other from the south side.

KM 67 – Arawana Station – Aid Stations #5 with water, sport drink, bananas and oranges.

KM 70 – Penticton City Limits

KM 73.2 – Poplar Grove Station – Use caution when crossing Naramata Road.

KM 74.4 – McCulloch Trestle This bridge was completed in March 2002 and named for the Kettle Valley Railway’s chief engineer, the man whose vision, professional aptitude and hard work built this incredible railroad. Andrew McCulloch.

KM 80 – Penticton Lakeside Hotel and Resort. Enjoy the finish celebration with live music, BBQ and wine or beer or cider.


2020 marks the 106th anniversary of the original construction of the trestles through Myra Canyon.  It is 17 years since the Okanagan Mountain Fire and we celebrate the rebuilding of Myra Canyon Trestles. Salute to the volunteers and everyone who helped rebuild the trestles.

We recognize Trails BC and the Trans Canada Trail Foundation for all the great work they do building and maintaining trails. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is part of BC’s Trans Canada Trail network. Trails BC as the Trans Canada Trail provincial partner is a supporter of the Okanagan Trestles Tour.

Thank you for participating in the annual Okanagan Trestles Tour! Tell your friends and family and mark your calendar.